Tuesday, 9 August 2011

AfroDelishus| Don't touch my hair

Once upon a time there was a girl called Princess Rianna, whenever she went to school people frequently asked her how she changed hair styles and could they touch her hair. Now this question bugged her immensely. Could they touch her hair? No was her answer. But yet they still tried to touch her hair. Sometimes it worked, sometimes she used her amazing reflexes. But it still bugged her, especially one boy called Christian who decided that he would come up behind her , touch her hair and call her "Candy Floss Hair" Then walk off. He was a very strange character after telling him repeatedly not to touch her hair, Rianna got extremely annoyed and used her amazing reflexes and told him if her dare touched her hair again she would banish him from their country. He was never heard of after that and people stopped trying to touch her hair and they all lived happily ever after

I'm sure quite a few of you have had the same problem with people touching or attempting to touch your hair. How have you dealt with it? How many times have you had to tell a person before they finally leave you alone? We all deal with things differently but what has been the most effective method of getting people to leave?


I realise this issue of people wanting to touch afro textured hair has made the headlines recently in the US, as a result of the mainstream media's growing interest in the natural hair revolution. However, I can honestly say that in all my life (I am 47) I cannot recall anyone ever trying to touch my hair, or asking to do so. Even when I sported an afro in primary school in seventies. I guess since afros were pretty common in the UK then, people were just used to it. I got lots of admiration from my mostly white classmates, but no unwanted attention. I would not be happy if anyone just poked their hands in my hair without asking and would certainly not allow a stranger to do so whether they asked or not. But I would not have a problem if it was a friend or someone I knew and they asked politely!

Wow didn't realize that it gets so serious... I remember before I was natural people asked to touch my hair because they could not believe all of it was mine or some even said they think am wearing a wig. (I never like it and used to try and stop all their attempts at any cost!) lol but the hair was all mine then and it's all mine now.....

I get people wanting to touch my hair more now than before, even peeps who have known me for over 10years. Frankly I've allowed them too in the last few days because am so proud about being natural again!!!

I feel so liberated and every chance I get I encourage friends to transition.....

I totally enjoy the comments I get after my hair have been touched ! LOL

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